About Us


The Cosmic Nomad was founded in 2017 by two adventurists on a mission but in just a short amount of time it has grown well beyond that. Because we truly believe in what we are doing. We didn’t want to just provide apparel that was guaranteed to get to you on time and be the exact item that you paid for. We wanted to build a community. We founded The Cosmic Nomad Company with the strict vision of creating a brand that represented the adventurers lifestyle and could bring the best quality products to the customers instead of the most trendy and most expensive. We set out to create an entire new standard in the EDM community. The Cosmic Nomad is a machine that is meant to bring a community of astounding artists and people under one roof to share in the joy of life’s adventure and the excitement of EDM.

So every day we continue to move forward. Talking to people from all walks of life and showing them our vision and everyday our team gets a little bigger. We have no idea where this road leads but we are excited to be on it and no matter how far it goes, we are grateful for the people we meet and times we have shared. Because that’s who we are.

We Are Nomads.